Free Resources to Support Identity Theft Victims
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By: Administrator

Identity theft is a serious problem – the Federal Trade Commission estimates that there are 9 million victims each year so it’s important for organizations to know there are free resources that they can use to help individuals they serve who have problems resulting from identity theft, even if they have limited professional experience dealing with this issue.

In a new video designed for legal services attorneys, social workers, and other advocates, the FTC explains how identity theft can affect a client’s finances – from being rejected for a loan to making it difficult to get a job. The FTC’s Guidebook for Assisting Identity Theft Victims provides detailed information about how to help victims, the tools that are available to them, and how to address specific forms of identity theft.

The FTC also recommends giving victims its free booklet Taking Charge which explains how to prioritize what to do now and what to do later. It also provides sample letters and forms, such as dispute letters to credit reporting companies.