Got a Smartphone? Then You’ve Got Identity Theft Help!
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By Eva Velasquez, President/CEO, Identity Theft Resource Center 

Here at the Identity Theft Resource Center, we are always looking to reach more consumers.  Our services are only effective when people know about our organization and utilize what we have to offer. So, in order to reach more people, we go to where the people are. These days, that is on your phone. We know more people than are willing to admit it suffer from “nomophobia,” a quirky term coined to explain the fear you feel when you realize you don’t have your phone.

 Your phone is a constant, but there is something else that is also a constant which is far more troubling than forgetting your phone at home; identity theft. You need something that can help you protect yourself against this constant threat and what better way than a mobile app? The ITRC has developed just that. The new ID Theft Help mobile app from ITRC puts identity theft experts at your fingertips. Whether you wan to learn about how to protect your personal information on Facebook, or you just received a collections notice for an account you didn’t open, we are here to help. It is all of our expertise in a tiny little button on your screen.

 The ID Theft Help app, which was funded by a grant from the Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime, helps you protect yourself against identity theft, completely free of charge. The app offers educational tools which include information on everything from safely using public WiFi to in-depth explanations about tax identity theft. You can also Livechat with an ITRC victim advisor directly through the app, should you have further questions. Of course the app will also connect you via phone to our toll-free helpline as well. The toll-free helpline is open 24/7 so there will always be someone there to help you and answer your questions.

 Whether you have an Android or Apple phone, we have you covered. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices, again, completely free of charge. You can download the ITRC ID Theft Help Mobile App here for Apple devices and here for Android devices. All of the assistance you receive from the ITRC is free of charge as well, because we are a non-profit organization and that is what we do. The ID Theft Help app will help us reach our goal of educating and helping more people than ever before. Having all of this information right in your phone, enables you to always have the ITRC in your back pocket should you need us, perhaps literally.