Consumer Federation of America Adds Companies to its Identity Theft Service Best Practices Working Group
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New Project Underway


Consumer Federation of America (CFA) has added Equifax, ID Watchdog and Worldwide Benefit Services (ID Theft Assist) to the list of companies that are part of CFA’s Identity Theft Service Best Practices Working Group.  The working group, which also includes consumer advocates, helped to develop and recently revise CFA’s Best Practices for Identity Theft Services. “We are pleased to have these companies in our working group,” said Susan Grant, Director of Consumer Protection and Privacy at CFA. “Working group members are committed to promoting responsible practices in the identity theft service industry and helping to educate the public about identity theft.”

According to ID Watchdog’s CEO, Michael Greene, “With a new identity being stolen every two seconds, we all face the possibility of having to navigate our way through the mess and damage fraudulent activities leave behind.  We stand behind implementing guidelines for id theft service providers to follow as our purpose is to help prevent and when necessary remedy the situation for the victim.”

ID Theft is the fastest growing crime and consumer complaint with millions of Americans falling victim each year. We at Worldwide Benefit Services (ID Theft Assist), look forward to our association with the ID Theft working group. We feel it is most important to have established standards and guidelines for service providers who are assisting victims of identity theft. Victims deserve quick resolution and ethical service when they fall prey to this crime,” said Gregg Brooks, Principal and Founder of Worldwide Benefit Services (ID Theft Assist).

CFA’s Identity Theft Service Best Practices Working Group has embarked on a new project to develop a checklist with questions that businesses, organizations and government agencies should ask when they are considering providing identity theft services to data breach victims. Advice for consumers, including Nine things to Check When Shopping for Identity Theft Services, and other resources are available on CFA’s website.