Business Resources
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Consumer Federation of America’s Best Practices for Identity Theft Services, which were developed with input from CFA’s Identity Theft Service Best Practices Working Group, are intended to encourage companies that provide these services to follow good practices. Businesses, organizations and government agencies that offer these services to their customers, employees or constituents as a benefit or in response to a data breach should consult the Best Practices and CFA’s checklist, My company’s had a data breach, now what? 7 questions to ask when considering identity theft services, to help them determine which service and features will provide the best information and assistance to those who may need to use them.

Businesses and other organizations can find recommendations for privacy policies, cybersecurity, medical ID theft, breach responses and more from the California Attorney General’s Office. While some of this information is specific to California, there is also good general advice here.

The Federal Trade Commission offers a wealth of information for businesses about how to maintain the privacy and security of customers’ and employees’ information.

Checking job applicants’ backgrounds can help businesses avoid problems, including theft of employee or customer information. The nonprofit information and advocacy organization Privacy Rights Clearinghouse provides a Small Business Owner Background Check Guide to help business owners find the best employees without violating privacy rights. Also check out the advice about Preventing Identity Theft with Responsible Information-Handling Practices in the Workplace.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service provides a Business Checklist for Securing Personal Information.